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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy golf carts?

Tidewater Carts is an exporter and wholesale distributor of golf carts serving Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Governments, Airports, Theme Parks and Other Businesses. We provide wholesale golf carts for sale in Mexico, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Antigua, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Martinique, Cuba and beyond.

What is a golf cart used for?

golf cart. noun. a small motorized vehicle for transporting golfers and their equipment round a golf course. a two-wheeled trolley with a long handle used for carrying golf clubs.

Are golf cart batteries safe?

Safe Storage of Golf Cart Batteries. Open the battery caps and check the water level. If low, fill with distilled water only. Do not use tap water for best battery life. Do not overfill and keep just below the inner indicator rings of the battery.

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