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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gem golf cart?

GEM® golf carts and electric vehicles are your choice for all purpose, electric vehicles available from. These Low-Speed Vehicles are equipped for neighborhood mobility in places with a 19 mph. GEM® cars are helping make the future a greener and better place to be.

What is a golf cart used for?

golf cart. noun. a small motorized vehicle for transporting golfers and their equipment round a golf course. a two-wheeled trolley with a long handle used for carrying golf clubs.

Can college golfers use push carts?

Although they change slightly depending on the occasions and the level of the players, there isn't any rule that prohibits the use of push carts. On the other hand, some schools might decide to modify their rules for their students. However, in a standard capacity, using a push cart in school, golf shouldn't cause any issue at all.

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