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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best golf cart enclosure?

The DoorWorks Golf Cart Hinged Door Enclosure is the best Hinged Door golf cart cover on the market and is designed for almost all EZ-GO, Club Car, Star Car and Yamaha Golf Carts. See below for all available models.

Are golf cart batteries safe?

Safe Storage of Golf Cart Batteries. Open the battery caps and check the water level. If low, fill with distilled water only. Do not use tap water for best battery life. Do not overfill and keep just below the inner indicator rings of the battery.

What is the tire size on a golf cart?

Golf cart tires come in a variety of sizes. The height of the tire and the wheel size both need to be considered. The standard wheel or opening size is 8" but golf cart wheels also come in 9", 10" and 12" sizes. An 8" wheel usually accommodates an 18" tire.

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