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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign in to golf genius?

How to sign in To Golf Genius Go to In the upper right corner click on sign in Enter your user name (your email address) Enter your password (it is 4 digits) Do not enter anything in the first box where it says “Enter Your GGID” If you can’t remember your password click on “forgot password” and following the instructions.

What is opengolf genius for Android?

Golf Genius for Android gives existing Golf Genius organizers and golfers access to the fun, social and interactive functions of Golf Genius Software's products.

What is golf genius used for?

This year, Golf Genius will be used to manage over 15,000,000 rounds of golf in all kinds of events, from simple one-day tournaments to multi-day, multi-course events, and everything in between. Golf Genius has partnered with the USGA to create a tournament management system that is absolutely free for all clubs within the NCGA (i.e., included ...

How to register for a golf tournament with golf genius?

Golf Genius Login & First Time Registration. In order to register for any tournament or event hosted by the AGA, you will need to first create a profile with our online registration platform called USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius. You will only need to create a profile one time and this will allow you to easily register for ...

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