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Frequently Asked Questions

What is National Grammar Day?

You might think every day is grammar day when you’re (and you’d be correct), but National Grammar Day is an honest-to-goodness observance, established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar.

How can the grammarian track use of the word of the day?

The grammarian can use the tally sheet (below) to track use of the Word of the day by speakers. Notes word or phrases that are not grammatically correct.

How to be a grammarian?

Have a dictionary with you (your phone will have one too) in case you yourself are unsure about the usage of certain words or phrases. Being a Grammarian, you will be more attentive when writing speeches for yourselves, keeping grammar and good use of language as a priority.

What does a grammarian do in Toastmasters?

A Grammarian is also responsible to introduce the Word of the Day. Toastmasters encourages the learning of new words to expand one’s vocabulary and speech effectiveness. As a Grammarian, come prepared with the Word of the Day. When you introduce it, encourage the audience to use the word when they come up to speak as well.

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