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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Grammarly?

How to access Grammarly Go to Enter your name, university email, and preferred password Click "Sign up" Check your email for a verification email (Please check your inbox and spam folder) Sign in at

Is there a way to get Grammarly premium for free?

Grammarly Premium is nowhere available for free, and you cannot get the subscription by any coupon code generator sites. The only way to use it for free is by using the trial version, which is available for limited days. This is one of the easiest methods you can use to access the Grammarly Premium free trial.

How do I get Grammarly premium for free?

This is the easiest way to get free Grammarly Premium account. It has a referral program. By using this, you can earn one week of premium subscription for each account joins you. If you don’t want to do any extra stuff for a paid account, then try this.

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