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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grammarly really help with writing?

Grammarly can help you tighten up your writing. It can correct misspellings and grammatical errors that affect your credibility. It can catch misused commas and other types of punctuation and help you with unnecessarily wordy sentences. It can also give you feedback on your writing and show you alternatives for your choice of words.

Should you use Grammarly?

YES. You absolutely should use Grammarly. There are not many downsides to using Grammarly, especially if you plan to use it in a more professional setting. If you’d rather not purchase Premium, the free version is good enough on its own.

Is Grammarly free to use?

The Answer to your question is Big "YES". Yes, Grammarly is free to use, but you might not be able to use all the features in Grammarly free account.

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