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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Grammarly have a student discount?

Grammarly student discount is the best discount for all college and school students. This post is updated in the November 2018 with fresh offer — Grammarly discount for students. You have to follow both of the steps that are given above in the discount box.

How much does Grammarly premium cost?

How much does Grammarly premium cost? The monthly subscription costs $25/member/month (billed as one payment for all users). The cost of an annual subscription depends on the number of users on your team: 3 to 9 members — $12.50/member/month. 10 to 49 members — $12.08/member/month. Is Grammarly Premium 2020 worth it?

Is Grammarly free for college students?

If you want a free plagiarism checker online for college students, you can use Grammarly as it is extensively used in all over the world including UK, USA and others. Though the plagiarism checker feature of Grammarly is not free, however you can avail this using our exclusive Grammarly education discount.

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