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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Gupta important?

The Gupta Empire became an important cultural center and influenced nearby kingdoms and regions in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia. Classical forms of Indian music and dance, created under the Guptas, are still practiced all over Asia today.

What religion did Gupta Empire practice?

The idealistics of Buddhism led to its decline in the Gupta Empire. It was widely practiced religion in the Gupta Empire and was important in ritual making. Jainism, another less practiced religion, was unchanged during the Gupta Empire. It’s main support was from the merchant communities in India.

What is the Gupta language?

The Gupta script, which is also known as the Gupta Brahmi Script or the Late Brahmi Script, was used for writing Sanskrit in the Gupta Empire, which existed from about 320 to 550 AD.

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