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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings Company Limited)?

Pursuant to a corporate restructuring in 1989, the holding company was renamed “Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Company Limited”. The principal activities of the Group include property development and investment, ferry, shipyard and related operations.

What is Vanke Holdings (Hong Kong) company limited?

Vanke Holdings (Hong Kong) Company Limited ( Vanke Hong Kong ) is held by Vanke Overseas Investment Holding Company Limited ( Stock Code: 01036 ) ( which is a subsidiary of China Vanke Company Limited ( China Vanke, Stock Code: 02202) ( ).

What is HKIA Services Holdings Limited (HKIA SHL)?

In support of HKIA’s development into an Airport City, HKIA Services Holdings Limited (HKIA SHL), a wholly subsidiary of the Airport Authority Hong Kong, is established to drive the growth of a wide networks of activities and businesses at the airport with the purpose of strengthening of HKIA’s status as an international aviation hub.

What is ENM Holdings Limited?

ENM Holdings Limited (together with its subsidiaries, "ENM Group") is a company listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 00128). With a solid base in Hong Kong, ENM Group is principally engaged in : 1.

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