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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the public holidays in Hong Kong in 2021?

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2021 Date Day Holiday 14 Oct Thu Chung Yeung Festival 25 Dec Sat Christmas Day 27 Dec Mon The First Weekday After Christmas Day 18 more rows ...

Is Labour Day a public holiday in Hong Kong?

After the transfer of sovereignty, the two public holidays were replaced with Labour Day and the National Day of the People's Republic of China. According to Hong Kong laws, when a designated public holiday falls on a Sunday or on the same day of another holiday, the immediate following weekday would be a public holiday.

How many public holidays are there in Hong Kong?

(July 2015) Public holidays and statutory holidays in Hong Kong are holidays designated by the Government of Hong Kong. They allow workers rest from work, usually in conjunction with special occasions. The 17 public holidays ( Chinese: 公眾假期 ), also called bank holidays ( Chinese: 銀行假期 ), are set by the General Holidays Ordinance.

What are the holiday laws in Hong Kong?

The government of Hong Kong requires that employers provide employees with a paid day off for all statutory holidays; employers can require employees to work on the remaining five holidays as part of their employment contract. Holidays are regulated under the General Holidays Ordinance,...

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