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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the statutory holidays for 2015 in Hong Kong?

The statutory holidays for 2015 are: The first day of January (1 January) Lunar New Year's Day (19 February) The second day of Lunar New Year (20 February) The third day of Lunar New Year (21 February) Ching Ming Festival (5 April) Labour Day (1 May) Tuen Ng Festival (20 June) Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (1 July)

What are the holidays in Hong Kong in 2021?

Holidays and Observances in Hong Kong in 2021 Date Name Type Dec 21 Tuesday December Solstice Season Dec 25 Saturday Christmas Day National holiday Dec 27 Monday First Weekday After Christmas Day National holiday Dec 31 Friday New Year's Eve Observance 28 more rows ...

When are the holidays in 2015?

Date Holiday Details # Day's Jan 1 -Thurs New Year's Day 2015 Federal Holiday -2387 Jan 3 - Sat The Prophet's Birthday 2015 Muslim -2385 Jan 6 - Tues Epiphany 2015 Christian -2382 36 more rows ...

When was Paris Holiday released in China?

Paris Holiday ( Chinese: 巴黎假期) is a 2015 Chinese-Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by James Yuen (阮世生). The film was released in Hong Kong on July 23 and in China on July 31, 2015.

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