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Frequently Asked Questions

What are HSBC personal internet banking services?

These services permit HSBC personal internet banking customers to perform a number of banking functions through the use of a personal computer or, for some functions, a mobile device on accounts linked to the service, including some accounts with our affiliates, such as HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. (“HSBC Securities”).

What are “linked HSBC accounts”?

Unless indicated otherwise by the context, “linked HSBC accounts” or “linked accounts” refers to all of your accounts with HSBC or its affiliates that you have linked to Personal Internet Banking.

What is the HSBC Global Money account?

HSBC Global Money Account is a prepaid, multi-currency account available on our the HSBC Mobile Banking App for customers who maintain an HSBC consumer deposit account. Data rate charges from your service provider may apply.

What is the HSBC bill pay'on-time'guarantee?

5 Under the Bill Pay 'on-time' guarantee, HSBC will bear the responsibility for any late-payment-related charges should an online bill payment arrive after its due date as long as you scheduled the transaction in accordance with the HSBC Personal Internet Banking Terms and Conditions.

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