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Frequently Asked Questions

What is improvement mean?

noun an act of improving or the state of being improved. a change or addition by which a thing is improved. a person or thing that represents an advance on another in excellence or achievement: The new landlord is a great improvement over his greedy predecessor.

What is another word for improve?

[im-proov] See more synonyms for improve on verb (used with object), im·proved, im·prov·ing. to bring into a more desirable or excellent condition: He took vitamins to improve his health. to make (land) more useful, profitable, or valuable by enclosure, cultivation, etc.

What does improvements mean?

Improvement(noun) the act of making profitable use or applicaton of anything, or the state of being profitably employed; a turning to good account; practical application, as of a doctrine, principle, or theory, stated in a discourse.

What are synonyms for improvement?

Synonyms for Improvement: n. Other synonyms: • reorganization, boost, decoration, adjustment, recovery, repair, reparation, abatement, rework, upturn, pickup, revival, perfection, comeback, remediation, reformation, amendment, redress, relief, remodeling.

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