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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Indiana football player wearing a Jersey that couldn't spell Indiana right?

An Indiana football player made his season debut wearing a jersey that was not spelled right. It was a bad omen for sure, as a freshman on the Indiana football team was spotted wearing a jersey that could not even spell Indiana right. The Hoosiers were coming off one of their best seasons in over a generation.

What happened to the Big Ten logo on Indiana football jerseys?

The last time Indiana football played a game, there was a bit of controversy about the Hoosiers' jerseys as the Big Ten logo was noticeably absent following what many perceived a slight to the Hoosiers regarding their bowl selection. Well, the 2021 season started off with some more jersey fun.

Did Indiana's David Holloman's jersey read 'indinia' off the field?

Indiana’s lackluster performance in its season opener Saturday was foreshadowed by a peculiar mistake off the field — a spelling mistake that is. The jersey of freshman running back David Holloman read “Indinia,” according to a video posted — and then deleted — by the Hoosiers’ official athletics Twitter account.

Did the Hoosiers make a mistake by posting the wrong player's Jersey?

As Holloman ran onto the field at Kinnick Stadium, cameras captured the front of his football jersey. Among a sea of white and crimson Indiana uniforms, the mistake isn’t obvious. However, when the Hoosiers posted a straight-on shot of Holloman to their account, the error is clear as can be.

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