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Did Indiana University misspell its own state on a football jersey?

Indiana University Misspells Own State on Football Jersey in Head-Scratching Fumble written by Chris Haney September 5, 2021 During Saturday’s college matchup between Indiana and Iowa, at least one Hoosiers player took the field with a horribly misspelled football jersey.

Which Indiana football player wore this Jersey on his jersey number?

According to Matt Cohen with the Indy Star, that jersey was worn by freshman running back David Holloman. It was originally tweeted out by Indiana’s official athletics account but has since been deleted.

Did you spot the Indiana Hoosier Jersey with ‘indinia’ stitched on it?

Indiana’s season opener is not going well in Iowa City, and the bad looks started before the game even kicked off. Apparently, the jersey for at least one Hoosier had a pretty obvious and embarrassing typo. According to an image shared by reporter Brett McMurphy, one Indiana jersey was misspelled with “Indinia” stitched on the front:

Did Indiana's David Holloman's jersey read 'indinia' off the field?

Indiana’s lackluster performance in its season opener Saturday was foreshadowed by a peculiar mistake off the field — a spelling mistake that is. The jersey of freshman running back David Holloman read “Indinia,” according to a video posted — and then deleted — by the Hoosiers’ official athletics Twitter account.

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