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Did Indiana University misspell its own state on a football jersey?

Indiana University Misspells Own State on Football Jersey in Head-Scratching Fumble written by Chris Haney September 5, 2021 During Saturday’s college matchup between Indiana and Iowa, at least one Hoosiers player took the field with a horribly misspelled football jersey.

Is this Indiana football freshman’s Jersey a bad omen?

It was a bad omen for sure, as a freshman on the Indiana football team was spotted wearing a jersey that could not even spell Indiana right. The Hoosiers were coming off one of their best seasons in over a generation. They had a huge mid-afternoon kickoff at the Iowa Hawkeyes, another team expected to make noise in Big Ten play.

Did Indiana's David Holloman's jersey read 'indinia' off the field?

Indiana’s lackluster performance in its season opener Saturday was foreshadowed by a peculiar mistake off the field — a spelling mistake that is. The jersey of freshman running back David Holloman read “Indinia,” according to a video posted — and then deleted — by the Hoosiers’ official athletics Twitter account.

Is it Indiana or indinia on the Hoosiers' jersey number?

Among a sea of white and crimson Indiana uniforms, the mistake isn’t obvious. However, when the Hoosiers posted a straight-on shot of Holloman to their account, the error is clear as can be. Instead of the normal “Indiana” that rests above the football jersey’s number, Holloman’s read “Indinia.”

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