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Frequently Asked Questions

When does coverage end for age 26?

For example, if you turn 26 on September 15, your coverage may end after September 30, or you may be covered through December 31, depending on your parent’s health plan. Regardless of the particular plan you have now, it is best to start exploring your options for health coverage well before you turn age 26.

What happens to my health insurance when I turn 26?

If you are already enrolled in your employer's group health insurance plan or have already obtained individual health insurance then the fact that you are turning 26 will have no impact on your eligibility for health insurance coverage under that policy.

What is the health insurance birthday rule?

The birthday rule is a common claims practice health insurance companies use when children are listed as dependents on two parents' group health plans. The rule helps determine which health plan is the primary policy and which is secondary so that total coverage does not exceed 100 percent of charges.

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