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Frequently Asked Questions

Is iPage a good web host?

iPage offers a full range of web hosting, but its shared hosting is particularly appeals — in terms of price and features. Additionally, iPage is a good choice for small-business websites. The included website builder, as well as free access to Weebly,...

Does iPage offer a dedicated IP address?

iPage does not offer a Dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address because iPage is a "Shared Hosting" or a "Virtual Hosting." "Shared Hosting" means that many websites shared an Internet Protocol (IP) address and these sites reside in the same server.

Is iPage suitable for hosting ecommerce website?

iPage says that their hosting plans are ready to work with ecommerce platforms such as ShopSite, osCommerce, or AgoraCart, so if any of them sound appealing to you, you might consider working with iPage.

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