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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Capital One a good bank?

Capital One is a good choice for people who want a straightforward banking option that doesn’t charge a lot of fees, and who don’t mind doing the majority of their banking online or via mobile tools.

When does Capital One open?

Capital One Bank hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM on Monday through Thursday for most branches. Generally during the last weekday, Capital One is open during its regular time at 9 AM and will close an hour and a half to give you some extra time to prepare your banking needs for the weekend.

How many branches does Capital One have?

Capital One currently operates with 640 branches located in 9 states. The bank has most branches in New York, Louisiana, Texas, Maryland and Virginia.

What are brick and mortar bank branches?

Brick-and-mortar banks - as opposed to online-only banks - are traditional banks with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of physical branches scattered across the U.S. They're usually the place to go when you want to open your first-ever checking or savings account and, later in life, the bank you call when you need a loan.

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