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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new kit Academy?

ANNOUNCING THE NEW KIT ACADEMY! On Thursday, April 1, 2021, the KIT Online Learning Center you have used to access our best-in-class disability inclusion and behavior support training, becomes KIT Academy with a fresh, more-modern look and exciting new features.

What is the dictionary definition of kit?

Define kit. kit synonyms, kit pronunciation, kit translation, English dictionary definition of kit. n. 1. a. A set of articles or implements used for a specific purpose: a survival kit; a shaving kit. b. A container for such a set. 2. A set of parts or...

What is the function of the KIT gene?

The KIT gene provides instructions for making a member of a protein family called receptor tyrosine kinases. Receptor tyrosine kinases transmit signals from the cell surface into the cell through a process called signal transduction. The KIT protein is found in the cell membrane of certain cell types where a specific protein, called stem cell ...

How many hours of inclusion training is in kit Academy?

Designed for educators, program staff, child care providers, CTRS and OT professionals, or for any individual to use in their professional development, KIT Academy contains over 97 hours of inclusion training and 64 downloadable resources.

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