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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Lexon Oblio wireless charger cost in Australia?

In Australia, the Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger is priced at AU$189.95. Locally, you can grab it through Design Mode International. Let’s cut to the chase here: Lexon’s Oblio Wireless Charger is a charging station that looks like a vase.

What is Oblio wireless charging station?

A wireless charging station designed with a vase shape that discreetly kills harmful viruses and bacteria that inevitably make their way onto your mobile device. Oblio is the proud recipient of the CES® 2021 Innovation Awards in the Health & Wellness category, confirming its position as a must-have object for today’s home and offices.

What phones does the Lexon wireless charger work with?

It supports 10W wireless charging via the Qi-standard - which means it’ll play nice with pretty much any phone that’s capable of wireless charging. Lexon say the unit supports phones of up to 8.3cm width and 1.05cm thick but we didn’t encounter any trouble with fitting larger devices like the Galaxy Note 10 inside the thing.

Why should I buy Oblio?

Providing an opportunity for you to be more present and take a break from your screen. Oblio is a Qi-certified, 10W wireless charger, you can fully charge a smartphone in 3 hours. We’ve also included an LED indicator that confirms the correct positioning and charging status of your smartphone.

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