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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Loupe art channel?

The Safe Stream Filter (artwork safe for family) is available on Apple TV and web streaming. The 24 hr LOUPE ART CHANNEL is found on Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, Local Now and Xumo.

What can you do on loupe?

There are thousands of hand-curated pieces of stunning visual art on Loupe. Stream and enjoy beautiful, evocative visual art from around the globe anywhere, whatever your preferred connected TV or device! Stream. Love. Buy.

Is loupe the future of Art?

[Loupe] offers users the opportunity to live with a smartly-chosen collection of contemporary works, which cycle across the screen of your computer, phone or television… Surely this seems like the future of art: allowing you to, in a sense, live with the works before you make a purchase…

How do I watch loupe on TV?

Watch Loupe’s 24/7 art + music channel on The Weather Group's free news & entertainment service on TV, Mobile and Web Platform. Enjoy the Loupe art player free on Amazon Fire TV. Stream mesmerizing art playlists, regularly updated. Download Loupe in the Amazon App Store.

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