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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Lupin books are in the complete collection?

The Adventures of Arsène Lupin – The Complete Collection: 7 Books In 1: Arsene Lupin,Gentleman-Burglar, Arsene Lupin Vs Herlock Sholmes, The Hollow ... Of Arsène Lupin, The Golden Triangle.:

How good is the Arsene Lupin book?

The book is very high quality, with crisp, sharp text (unlike other Arsene Lupin books reviewed on Amazon), printed in the Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (yeah!). Other's have reported the large size of the book; they are correct, don't even think of casually carrying the book on your next flight for a "light" read while traveling.

When was the overcoat of Arsène Lupin published?

The Overcoat of Arsène Lupin ( Le Pardessus d'Arsène Lupin, published in English in 1926) Novella first published in 1924 in France as La Dent d'Hercule Petitgris. Altered into a Lupin story and published in English as The Overcoat of Arsène Lupin in 1926 in The Popular Magazine

When did Lupin come out in Detective?

Arsene Lupin, Detective ( Arsène Lupin détective, B&W., France, 1937) with Jules Berry (Lupin). Arsène Lupin Returns (B&W., US, 1938) with Melvyn Douglas (Lupin).

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