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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Madelyne Pryor?

Madelyne Jennifer Pryor is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, primarily featured off-and-on as an antagonist of the X-Men.

Is Madelyne Pryor related to Jean Grey?

Madelyne Pryor was a cargo pilot in Anchorage, Alaska working for Scott Summers' grandparents when she and Scott meet during a Summers family reunion. A romantic relationship quickly begins between them; however, Scott is disturbed at her striking resemblance to his dead lover, Jean Grey/Phoenix.

Does Madelyne Pryor become Dark Phoenix?

However, the vampiric Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) bonded with the Phoenix Force, became Dark Phoenix, and killed Madelyne and Dormammu. Another reality saw Madelyne Pryor as a member of an "X-Men" team formed by Mr. Sinister alongside Cyclops (Scott Summers), Havok (Alex Summers), and Sabretooth.

Does Madelyne have a baby in X-Men?

Going into premature labor, Madelyne gives birth to a baby boy ( Nathan Christopher Charles Summers) alone in the X-Mansion. Sensing a reluctance on Scott's part to retire to family life, a powerless Storm challenges him to a duel for leadership of the team, which Storm wins.

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