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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best approach to legal research methodology?

Effective legal research is hardly possible without a proper understanding of research methodology. A researcher should justify the important methodological choices in his/her work. There are no single or universal approaches to legal research methodologies.

Why is methodology important in Socio-Legal Research?

The more sophisticated forms of sociolegal research require a high level of methodology awareness in that students may be required to justify their choice of methodology.

What are alternative approaches to studying the law?

Alternative approaches — e.g. “behavioral law and economics” — may focus in different non-legal research methods to study the law (e.g., psychological) and may propose different research questions (e.g. focusing on how e.g. biases shape legal outcomes).

Which methodologies can be adopted in a legal dissertation?

As can be seen, both qualitative and quantitative methodologies can be adopted in a legal dissertation. Careful consideration must be given to what is the most appropriate one in all the circumstances taking into consideration the topic under investigation, personal references and resources available, both in terms of time and money.

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