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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first boss in Metroid Dread?

The first boss you will likely encounter in Metroid Dread, save for a potential sequence break, is Corpious. Corpious is a giant lizard-esque boss with a scorpion's tail that can disrupt Samus' attacks from a pretty substantial range.

Is there a boss fight in Metroid Metroid Prime?

This boss encounter has everything a significant Metroid boss fight needs and then some. This spider-like abomination is found deep in the area of Cataris and is known as Experiment No. Z-57. Samus will have to dodge large laser attacks, wide-reaching slash attacks, and multiple projectiles in this encounter.

Why is Metroid Dread so good?

Metroid is often known for its tight pacing, challenging gameplay, and exceptional boss encounters, and Dread delivers on all of those aspects effortlessly. Metroid Dread's smooth, fast-paced action translates exceptionally well in boss fights and makes for some of the best in the series.

What is the Escue in Metroid Dread?

One of the more unique bosses in Metroid Dread is against the Escue, an aerial-based enemy. There aren't many boss encounters that have you go against an enemy that can fly perpetually, having you try to find clever ways to avoid its attacks while also landing hits of your own on it.

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