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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Metroid Dread upgrades?

Metroid Dread brings the horrifying elements of outer space to the forefront of modern Switch gameplay. And with Samus as your protagonist, you’re going to need to be able to explore every nook and cranny! Metroid Dread upgrades are critical to your progress, and you’ll be going back and forth during your journey to collect them all.

What are the collectibles in Metroid Dread?

There are three types of collectibles in Metroid Dread: Missile Tanks, Energy Tanks, and Power Bomb Tanks. Missile Tanks increase your total missile capacity. A regular Missile Tank grants you two missiles, while a Missile+ Tank gives you 10.

What are metmetroid Dread's ending rewards?

Metroid Dread includes a collection of artwork as its Ending Rewards. You can unlock art from each of the 2D games as well as Other M through various feats of speed and strength. Here are all of the images and requirements:

What is Metroid Dread’s secret move?

Metroid Dread has a secret move that the game doesn’t tell you about. You can store up your Speed Booster energy and unleash it in a move called Shinespark.

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