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Frequently Asked Questions

How many copies did Metroid Dread sell on the switch?

With over 86 million units sold since its launch in 2017, the Switch has a much larger amount of potential Metroid fans compared to some other consoles, such as the GameCube. In addition to breaking this sales record, Metroid Dread has sold over three times more copies than Metroid: Samus Returns did at launch on the Nintendo 3DS in 2017.

What is the release date of Metroid Dread 2021?

It is their second Metroid game after Metroid: Samus Returns (2017). It is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2021 for Nintendo Switch. A direct sequel to Metroid Fusion, Dread was planned since 2005 for the Nintendo DS, but cancelled because of technical limitations.

Is Metroid Dread a 2D Metroid game?

Currently lurking behind a dark veil of mystery, Metroid Dread looks set to be a 2D Metroid game created specifically for the DS and its capabilities. We're hoping to hear the first solid information at the E3 games show in May, so watch this space.

What is the highest grossing Metroid game ever?

In addition to its number 3 spot on the UK sales chart, Metroid Dread set a new record for sales in the series. This Switch game now holds the highest-grossing launch in the series’ history, breaking the previous launch sales record held by Metroid Prime on the Nintendo GameCube.

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