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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the suit upgrades in Metroid Dread?

These are the four suit upgrades available in Metroid Dread. Spoiler alert: Minor spoilers for Metroid Dread follow. The starting suit, known as the Power Suit, is unlocked by default. This suit resembles the one from Metroid Fusion, with blue and white colors throughout.

Why does Samus wear a power suit in Metroid Dread?

The Power Suit worn by Samus Aran as it appears in Metroid Dread is a uniquely designed compared to past suits. It represents her original Chozo Varia Suit regenerating its appearance, following her surgery in Metroid Fusion that resulted in parts of the suit being removed.

How do you unlock all of Metroid Dread’s maps?

The biggest hurdle to unlocking all of Metroid Dread’s map is acquiring the Gravity Suit upgrade. This allows Samus to enter both hot and cold areas, massively reduces the damage taken, and even allows for free movement underwater. Several other items even tease Gravity Suit upgrades in advance.

How does the Metroid suit work in Metroid Prime?

Unlike other suit upgrades, which are power-ups she acquires, the Metroid Suit is the result of the DNA transplant Samus received from her vaccine, fully awakening and turning her into a human Metroid . In addition to delivering Samus the Hyper Beam, any normal enemy that comes into direct contact with the suit is instantly killed.

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