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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use metronome?

A metronome provides a steady rhythmic sound which helps keep player or players in the appropriate time for the piece. Incorporating a metronome as a regular part of your practice can help you to master a piece of music and improve your performance. It's a good idea for every musician to know how to use a metronome.

What is the best metronome app for Android?

Metronome Plus ($1.99) Metronome+ is smooth, simple, classy, and above all, easy to use. As any good metronome should be, this one is accurate and loud.

What is a metronome app?

Metronome is a free music app that turns Android device into a functional metronome for musicians. It produces metric ticks that helps musicians in maintaining a consistent tempo while playing music.

How is a metronome used?

A metronome. A metronome is a small object that can be used by people who are practising instruments to help them to play in time. It is also something a composer can use to show the performer what speed to play. A traditional metronome works by clockwork.

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