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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you use a metronome?

The most obvious use of a metronome is to help us slow down difficult passages while keeping the pace consistent. This approach enables us to work through challenging passages without making any mistakes, gradually increasing the speed as we become more familiar with it.

What is the purpose of a metronome?

The purpose of a metronome is to provide a musical timer for beats and to keep you exactly in time and there are two basic types. The traditional and larger pyramid shaped mechanical metronome and more recently the electronic multifunction device which is highly portable and the usual choice of conductors.

How do I use a metronome?

Setting a Metronome Set the tempo. Most digital metronomes will use BPM or beats per minute as a way to measure the speed of the piece. Set the time signature. Many digital metronomes will allow you to set the time signature, but most wind-up metronomes do not. Set the volume.

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