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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Miami Dade College have a campus in Miami?

Miami-Dade College Hialeah Campus has served as the city's academic center since 1980. Besides its academic mission, the campus also sponsors numerous cultural and community events. Hialeah's public library was founded in 1924, one year prior to the incorporation of the city.

How many career paths are there at Miami Dade College?

With seven paths to choose from, you are sure to find the specialty to appeal to the right employer. Welcome to Miami Dade College’s Hialeah Campus.

Where do I Park at Miami Dade College?

The main vehicular entrance to the campus is located along West 17th Court before reaching 46th Street. Parking is available for all Miami Dade College students, staff, faculty, and visitors in our recently constructed parking garage and flat lots. Parking decals are required to park on campus.

Where is the University of Florida's Hialeah Dental Clinic?

The University of Florida College of Dentistry operates the Hialeah Dental Clinic. It opened in 1997 to serve Hispanic populations in South Florida. Hialeah is located within Florida's 25th Congressional District. It is currently represented in the House of Representatives by Mario Díaz-Balart, a Republican.

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