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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Miami Dade College located?

Located on 245 acres in northern Miami-Dade County, North Campus was the College's first campus. It is home to a variety of academic and career training programs and also houses several unique programs that include the School of Justice, the Fire Science program, the Funeral Services program, and the School of Entertainment and Design Technology.

What is the blackboard orientation?

Frequently Asked Questions for students and their experience with Blackboard. A free, non-credit online orientation for students who are new to online learning, or those who may need a bit of a refresher.

How do I start a Blackboard course?

Begin the term with the proper knowledge of Blackboard to learn how to navigate and work through the course, effectively communicate with your instructors and classmates, and to set and customize your best-fit preferences. Each set of tutorial videos is tailored for students and their unique needs.

Why study Entertainment and Design Technology at Miami Dade College?

The Miami Dade College School of Entertainment and Design Technology offers training in a variety of exciting careers in creative industries such as computer animation, film production, graphic design, music business, TV production, web design and more.

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