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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miami Dade College best known for?

The Miami Dade Honors College is best known for preparing high achieving students for a global perspective. The Honors College program provides challenging courses, seminars, enrichment activities as well the privilege for students to interact with professionals, scholars and leaders from around the world who share their expertise and experience in business, science and the arts.

What classes do you need to take in college for nursing?

All nursing education programs combine classroom instruction with supervised clinical experience. Courses that nursing students may be required to take include anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, and psychology. Nursing students may also be required to take courses in liberal arts subjects.

What are good colleges for nursing?

Here are the best nursing masters programs. Johns Hopkins University. Duke University. Emory University. University of Pennsylvania. University of Washington. Case Western Reserve University. University of Pittsburgh.

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