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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Miami Dolphins perfect season?

On January 14, 1972 the Miami Dolphins completed the only perfect NFL season. From start to finish the Dolphins did not lose a single game. The media mock the Dolphins for the champagne celebration that was actually born by the media and not the players. Though the Dolphins are the only team to complete a perfect season they are still denied the honor of being called the best team in the history of the NFL.

What is the Miami Dolphins address?

The address of Miami Dolphins is Miami Dolphins, Sun Life Stadium, 347 Don Shula Drive, Miami Gardens, Florida 33056, United States.

Where is the Miami Dolphins home?

The Dolphins play their home games at Hard Rock Stadium in the northern suburb of Miami Gardens, Florida, and are headquartered in Davie, Florida. The Dolphins are Florida's oldest professional sports team.

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