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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Miami Dolphins still make playoffs?

The five ways Dolphins (6-8) can still make the playoffs. The Miami Dolphins lost an important road game Sunday to the Buffalo Bills in an effort to keep their playoff hopes alive. But due to a wild year in the AFC, a 6-8 team like Miami still has a chance to sneak its way into the postseason with a .500 record.

How many championships have the Miami Dolphins won?

The Buffalo Bills won six AFL or AFC championships and the Miami Dolphins and Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders have each won five AFL or AFC championships. The Raiders have also been the AFL or AFC runner up, as a result of losing the AFL or AFC Championship Game, a record nine times.

Who is the current Miami Dolphins QB?

The current starting quarterback of the Dolphins is Matt Moore. Moore took over the starting job from Chad Henne, who was knocked out for the season after hurting his left shoulder in Week 4.

When was the Miami Dolphins first game?

The Miami Dolphins played their first game on September 2, 1966 and were the first professional sports team in the state of Florida.

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