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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best floor mats for the 2021 Tesla Model Y?

2021 Tesla Model Y floor mats by 3D MAXpider need no introduction. Voted #1 by Tesla owners as THE BEST floor mats due to their premium texture, precision fit, and unique triple-layer all-weather protection, which includes a grippy non-slip bottom layer. Have a Model Y 7-seater?

Are the floor mats for the 7-seater compatible with 3D maxpider?

Only the front trunk ("frunk), row 1, and row 2 mats are universal and compatible with the 7-seater. We expect to have mats for row 3 and rear cargo trunk in late September. TESLARATI is an official partner of 3D MAXpider.

How to preorder the New Model Y in 7 seat configuration?

Updated Sep 13, 2021 - TESLARATI has exclusive first access to the Model Y complete bundle set for the New Model Y in 7 Seat configuration. Please select Interior: 7 Seats and "Complete Set" to preorder.

Will the Tesla all weather mats fit in a 7 seater?

I have a 7-seater and all current mats will fit the first and second row. Haven’t seen anything yet for the 3-row nor the trunk area. I personally bought the Tesla all weather mats and can confirm they fit perfectly. I have the autailer mats in my 5 seater. They look fantastic and appear to be very high quality.

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