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Frequently Asked Questions

What is moomiyo (Mumie)?

Moomiyo is the Russian version of Indian Shilajit (reviewed here). Known also as “Russian Black Anabolic,” moomiyo (or “mumie” as it is sometimes called) has been used for years in Russia to enhance athletic and physical performance. Moomiyo is said to help build muscle mass and strength and to shorten recovery time after strenuous exercise.

What is the history of virtual mummies?

The application for mummies was developed in cooperation with Renate Germer, PhD, from the Dept. of Egyptology, University of Hamburg. Work began in 1989 and was first presented in 1991 at the exhibition Mumie + Computer at the Kestner Museum, Hanover. Karl Heinz Höhne: Virtual Mummies – Unwrapped by the click of a mouse.

What is computerization and how does it help scientists examine mummies?

Computerization not only helps scientists in non-destructively examining mummies, but it also makes it possible to create virtual mummies, a sample of which can be seen by the visitors of the exhibition The Secret of the Mummies – Eternal Life at the Nile, and by yourself on screen, with reduced functionality.

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