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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mummy museum in Guanajuato?

And so, the Mummy Museum, El Museo de las Momias, was born. Because the Guanajuato mummies mummified in a natural way, they differ a lot from the Egyptian mummies. Those mummies have been preserved with care and skill, so they look clean and peaceful. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for the Mexican mummies.

How did the Guanajuato mummies react to being buried alive?

The expressions on the faces of the mummies of Guanajuato show the terror they felt when they awoke in coffins and realized they had been buried alive. The Mexico mummies you see in the Guanajuato mummy museum all share a horrifying story.

Is Guanajuato’s Museum the most haunted museum in the world?

Though quaint and unsuspecting, Guanajuato has made a name for itself with a bizarrely macabre tourism attraction that is likely the most disturbing and haunting museum in the world. The mummified remains of a human now on display in Guanajuato’s Museum of the Mummies. Guanajuato is home to the Museo De Las Momias, or Museum of the Mummies.

How much does it cost to go to Guanajuato museum?

The mummy museum of Guanajuato, Mexico is open from 9 to 6 every day. A taxi will cost you about US$5 from the town center to the museum. Buses also leave from the town center going directly to the museum.

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