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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ‘Country Strong’ on Netflix?

Yes! Country Strong (2010) is available on Netflix United States. A rising country-music songwriter works with a fallen star to work their way to fame, causing romantic complications along the way. While on tour to revive her career, country singer Kelly falls for emerging musician Beau and tries to hide their romance from her husband/manager.

Is Netflix the best place to watch musicals?

Musicals and Netflix: they're a perfect duet! The streaming platform is home to a surprisingly large number of musical movies from traditional song-and-dance flicks to music documentaries and even a few TV comedies that lovingly skewer the genre even as they mine it for material.

Is Netflix's Country Comfort a remake of a star is born?

In the grand tradition of countrified classic films— " Country Strong is secretly the fifth official remake of A Star Is Born " is the hill I have chosen to die on—Netflix's new series Country Comfort is basically a modern-day, Nashville-set take on The Sound of Music.

How many countries is Netflix available in?

The video streaming giant is currently available in over 190 countries with thousands of shows and movies. However, every Netflix library differs by country. We used Flixwatch, the largest Netflix database site with libraries for 70 countries, to find out what TV shows and movies are available in each country.

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