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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tires does a Nissan Frontier have?

Here’s our list of the best tires for the Nissan Frontier that are designed to fit all of the following tire sizes: 235/75R15. 265/70R16. 265/75R16. 265/65R17.

Where is the Nissan Frontier?

Nissan Frontier made in America. Although the transmission and some of the engines are sourced from Japan, more than 50 percent of the components for the Nissan Frontier are made in the United States and Canada. The truck is manufactured at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Mississippi.

What is a Nissan Frontier?

The Nissan Frontier is now an elder statesman of the compact pickup truck class, having been on sale in its current form for more than a decade. With the Ford Ranger making its return for 2019 and other trucks from GM and Toyota improving every year, it's time for Nissan to overhaul the Frontier.

What is the Nissan Frontier King Cab?

The Nissan Frontier king cab is a mid size truck which will appeal to people with small or no children as the rear seats in the are very small. The truck is far easier to park and maneuver than large trucks although the turning radius could be better.

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