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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of railroad is the Norfolk Southern?

The Norfolk Southern Railway ( reporting mark NS) is a Class I freight railroad in the United States.

Which Norfolk Southern Locomotives are'eco'?

"ECO" locomotives thus far (January 2017) include GP33ECO and SD33ECO; additionally, these units come with 'slug' types: RP-M4C (GP33ECO) and RPU6D (SD33ECO). In November 2011, Norfolk Southern unveiled SD60E 6920 – painted in a blue, red, white and black "Honoring our Veterans" paint scheme.

What kind of train is the Norfolk Southern 3170?

The 3170 is a SD40, the first ordered by the Southern Railway and was retired by Norfolk Southern in 2007. In September 2015, SD45-2 1700 was unveiled wearing its original Erie Lackawanna paint.

When did the Norfolk and Western Railway merge?

In the second half of the 20th century, the N&W acquired the Virginian Railway (1959), the Wabash Railway, and the Nickel Plate Road, among others. In 1982, the two systems merged and formed the Norfolk Southern Railway.

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