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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose North?

“ North allowed me to obtain my degree in a diverse and supportive community. They provided a variety of online, night, and hybrid classes, that allowed me to continue working while in school. I appreciate my time at North and I value the effort put forth by all the instructors.

Why choose North Italia?

At every one of our North Italia locations, our team is full of passionate and dedicated people who work hard every day to deliver the perfect handcrafted experience. We use only the best ingredients to create and serve consistently crave-worthy food, like our chef’s choice daily pizza and fresh pasta made from scratch daily.

What is the north experience?

To us, nothing is quite as satisfying as sharing a dish of handmade pasta and savoring every bite, sip, and moment with the people who matter most. From the warmth that draws you in, to the vibrant energy letting you know you’re in for something special, the North experience invites you to indulge in not just what you taste, but what you feel.

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