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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Government WG pay scale?

The WG, or wage grade, pay scale used by the U.S. Federal Government is a classification of the blue-collar jobs that fall under the Federal Wage System and are hourly pay positions.

How does the law enforcement officer pay scale work?

How does the Law Enforcement Officer Pay Scale Work? - Federal The Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) pay schedule is used to determine the pay of federal employees who carry a fire arm as part of their job and have the authority to arrest. LEO jobs exist in all federal departments.

What are government pay grades?

pay grade(Noun) A level indicating a base salary (in the US applying to military and government employees). pay grade(Noun) Level of authority or responsibility (since pay rate, authority and responsibility generally increase similarly).

What is a wage-grade pay scale?

Each wage area pay scale is divided into three classes: WG (worker), WL (leader), and WS (supervisor). The WG and WL classes of pay rates each have 15 grades with five steps in each, and the WS has 19 grades with 5 steps. Advancement to higher steps is a result of satisfactory job performance and length of service.

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