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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pay scale for an SV grade?

This pay scale system is roughly equivalent to the GS grades between 4 and 15. SV grades are identified by the letters A-M, and each has a minimum and maximum rate; employees can be hired for a rate higher than the minimum if they have experience relevant to the job.

What is a pay plan OPM?

Definition A pay plan is a two-digit alphabetical code used to identify Federal civilian pay systems. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) approves pay plan codes for agency use. OPM-approved pay plan codes are found Part A of the Guide to Data Standards.

What is the Office of Personnel Management pay policy? MainPolicyPay & LeaveSalaries & Wages. The Office of Personnel Management provides policy leadership and expertise on a variety of Governmentwide pay programs for Federal employees, including the General Schedule (GS), Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Pay Schedules, and the Federal Wage System (FWS).

What is an SV grade in the TSA?

The TSA uses an “SV” grading system, which is a pay banding system of grades that roughly correlate to GS grades 4-15. The SV grades, which are identified by letters A-M, have minimum and maximum rates; employees may be hired at above the minimum if they are deemed to have specialized pertinent experience.

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