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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I Stay on my parents' insurance?

The Affordable Care Act allows children to stay or re-enroll on a parent's plan until they are 26 years old. As long as you're under 26, you can be on a parent's health insurance plan even if you live by yourself, are attending college, are married or financially independent.

When does coverage end for age 26?

For example, if you turn 26 on September 15, your coverage may end after September 30, or you may be covered through December 31, depending on your parent’s health plan. Regardless of the particular plan you have now, it is best to start exploring your options for health coverage well before you turn age 26.

Can I put my parents on my health insurance?

Add your parent to the family medical plan. The person in your company responsible for health insurance will be able to assist you in adding your parent to your health plan. You may have to prove that your parent is a qualified dependent by showing previous income tax filings, listing the parent as a dependent.

How long are dependents covered on insurance?

Insurance policies has a provision stating that insurance companies are required to provide dependent coverage for children up to age 26 for all individual and group policies.The rule will take effect six months following enactment. Keep in mind that the term used is "dependent".

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