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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study business at Park University?

The Robert W. Plaster School of Business at Park University’s mission is to provide quality, innovative, application based learning to prepare a diversity of learners who can support free enterprise in a socially responsible manner in a global community.

Why the Park University College of Management?

The College of Management at Park University has crafted its mission and vision with input from our faculty, industry advisory boards, students, and other key constituents. We believe Park management graduates need to be career ready in a globally competitive environment.

Is Park University's School of Business accredited by ACBSP?

All business programs in the School of Business at Park University are accredited by ACBSP. The Economics degree is not considered to be a business program and is not accredited by ACBSP. The Hauptmann School of Public Affairs is about more than top-notch degrees.

What is the College of Management?

The College of Management consists of the Robert W. Plaster School of Business and the Hauptmann School of Public Affairs. Both schools offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The College of Management prepares our students to succeed professionally in their chosen careers.

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