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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Lilibet mean?

Lilibet as a girls' name has its roots in Hebrew and English, and the name Lilibet means "God is my oath". Lilibet is an alternate form of Elizabeth (Hebrew). Lilibet is also a variation of Libby (English, Hebrew).

Are there pictures of Lilibet?

According to Page Six, which confirmed that the photos are of Lilibet, the first picture is a family shot of Meghan, Harry, Lilibet and their 2-year-old son Archie. The center picture is a shot of Harry kissing Lilibet, who is wrapped in a blanket. The last picture is a shot of Meghan hugging Archie.

When is Lilibet christening?

The Sussexes say Lilibet Diana’s christening plans are still being finalized October 12, 2021

Does Lilibet exist?

As many readers of this blog have pointed out, there's not any evidence at this point that baby "Lilibet" even exists. No photos have been released; neither has a birth certificate. A California hospital has been named as tje site of the birth, but they cannot speak out because of medical privacy laws.

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