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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Pink Floyd logo mean?

Pink Floyd's enduring symbol is the floating pig - but the animal was taken up by other rock 'n' roll groups to symbolise protest, dystopia and even violence, writes Jonathan Glancey.

What color is Pink Floyd?

"Green Is the Colour" is a track on Pink Floyd's 1969 More. It was composed and written by Roger Waters and sung by David Gilmour. A tin whistle is heard in the song, played by drummer Nick Mason's then-wife Lindy.

What is the origin of the name Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd. Syd chose the name "The Pink Floyd Sound" as a spur of the moment decision when a band preforming at the same gig had already signed up using their old name "Tea Set.". The name was derived from the first names of 2 blues musicians: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

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